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Children card: Zhalsan Olboroev
Zhalsan received the necessary help

Zhalsan, four-year-old boy from Ulan-Ude suffers from ICP since birth. The child needed to pay for a set of medical orthoses on the ankle and knee joints, as well as a specialized fixing corset to preserve the joints.


Our Fund has fully paid the bill for the products. Not so long ago, in Ulan-Ude, the orthoses and corset for Zhalsan were installed.


The Whole World public charity development program and its participants helped us to raise funds for the child. Thank you!


We wish Zhalsan good luck and success in the fight against ICP!

Meet Zhalsan

The mother of 3-year-old Zhalsan from Ulan-Ude has applied to the Whole World Fund with a request for help. The boy has ICP and gross psychomotor retardation. The child does not walk or crawl or sit. Besides, the boy has epilepsy which hinders development still more.


At the moment Zhalsan urgently needs orthotics of his ankle and knee joints as well as installation of a semirigid spine support to avoid problems with his spine and joints.


The family hopes for your help.


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