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Dear Friends! We are closing the fundraising campaign for Zahar. The necessary set of orthopaedic products (ankle and knee joints tutors) for a 8-year-old inhabitant of Buryatia has been successfully paid. The products will be installed soon.
We once again sincerely thank the system of mutual financial aid, Whole World for their help in raising funds.

We are raising funds for Zakhar

The Whole World Fund has started fundraising for Zakhar Mikhailov.


The boy lives with his mother in a small settlement of Tataurovo in the Republic of Buryatia. Zakhar has ICP, spastic tetraparesis, severe delay in psychoverbal development, optic nerve atrophy. The child does not sit by himself, does not walk, does not speak; he lacks any skills of self activity. Unfortunately, all the remedial measures fail to give any results.


Zakhar’s mother raises two children alone; the family has a hard life, accordingly, and it is impossible for them to bear additional expenses for treatment. But Zakhar needs orthoses for his knee and ankle joints to prevent destruction and contracture of the joints.


The cost of the set of the appliances is 66,800 rubles.


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