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We continue to help!

The Charitable Fund "Whole World" has fully paid the pelvic endoprosthesis for Ilya Finalgin. The endoprosthesis has been made in the UK according to individual drawings and will be delivered to St. Petersburg any day.

The surgery is scheduled for the second half of January. According to the prior chemotherapy treatment and condition of the patient, this time will be optimal for the surgery operation.  A team of oncology surgeons at the Paediatric Oncology Dept. of the 31-th City Hospital is ready for such a large-scale intervention, as well as orthopedists from the Orthopedics and Traumatology Dept. of St. Petersburg Pediatric Academy, which will help the oncologists during the surgery. The supplier company, in its turn, will provide the surgeons with all the equipment and supplies necessary for the surgery, that include tools for the endoprosthesis implantation and the expensive implant itself.

Ilya's relatives and friends express their deepest gratitude to all those who did not remain indifferent and who were directly involved in the fund raising for Ilya.

Our Fund expresses the special appreciation to the participants of the Charity Marathon "Whole World" thanks to which it was possible to raise funds so quickly.

We wish Ilya strength and courage before the upcoming surgery, and believe that the efforts of such a huge number of people helping Ilya will lead our ward to speedy recovery!

We are waiting for good news after the surgery and continue to actively raise funds for other children who are waiting for our help!


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