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Children card: Pasha Anosov
Financial aid has been provided

Two brothers, Pavel and Nikita Anosovs from Ulan-Ude have been provided with financial aid to purchase orthopedic products. The ankle and elbow orthoses and an orthopedic spinal brace for Nikita have been paid. For Pavel, an orthopedic spinal brace has been purchased.

The boy's mother wrote the following letter to the Fund:

"I want to thank the Whole World Fund for helping us to purchase orthoses and spinal braces for my two sons, Nikita Anosov and Pavel Anosov. This is truly invaluable help for our family, we are really happy that there are kind people who help us. Orthoses are an integral part of the treatment. They are very convenient, children feel very comfortable when treated with them.

Thank you very much, we are very grateful to you.
Thank you for such help. We are feeling that we are not alone in this world, with our problems. We get forces to fight the illness of our children.

I sincerely thank you once again.
Svetlana Alexeyevna Anosova, the city of Ulan-Ude"

The Whole World Fund, in its turn, expresses great gratitude to the mutual financial aid system, Whole World, LLC and all its participants for helping Pavel and Nikita Anosovs.

Brace for Pasha Anosov

It has been for the first time in the work of the Whole World Fund that we start fundraising for two brothers.


Both children in Anosovs’ family happen to need orthopedic appliances.


We have already written about Nikita before. His junior brother Pasha has Down’s syndrome, delay in psychomotor development, muscular hypotonia, progressing scoliosis of the 2 category as well as other diseases. The boy urgently needs a spinal brace which costs 57,800 rubles.


The family does not give up and tries to do their best to develop the boys’ health. Bearing a double financial load the family needs support on the part of the charity fund. 

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