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Children card: Nikita Kharisov
We raised money for Nikita

We are closing the collection for Nikita from Tynda setllement. Recall that the child needed to pay for a set of orthoses on the wrist joints and functional-corrective corset.


The Whole World Fund paid for the entire set of products in the amount of 79600 rubles.


And as always, we are grateful for the help of Nikita participants of the program of development of public charity Whole World.


We wish Nikita good health and great success!

Sanguine Nikita

Our Fund opens fund-raising for Nikita Kharisov from Tynda town of Amur region.


Nikita was born prematurely in the 29th week with the weight of 1,450 grams. He spent the first 5 months of his life in hospital where doctors fought hard for his life.


Nikita has delay of psychoverbal development; he does not walk or talk; so far he has learnt to crawl, roll over, sit and stand with a support and understands speech.


The boy’s joints suffer due to lack of proper activity and correct position. Therefore, the child needs orthoses on his wrist joints and a functional spine support. Nikita’s mother is a single mother of many children, and the family has no possibility to raise the necessary amount of money.


Let us help Nikita.  


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