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Children card: Nikita Kharisov
Sanguine Nikita

Our Fund opens fund-raising for Nikita Kharisov from Tynda town of Amur region.


Nikita was born prematurely in the 29th week with the weight of 1,450 grams. He spent the first 5 months of his life in hospital where doctors fought hard for his life.


Nikita has delay of psychoverbal development; he does not walk or talk; so far he has learnt to crawl, roll over, sit and stand with a support and understands speech.


The boy’s joints suffer due to lack of proper activity and correct position. Therefore, the child needs orthoses on his wrist joints and a functional spine support. Nikita’s mother is a single mother of many children, and the family has no possibility to raise the necessary amount of money.


Let us help Nikita.  


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