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Children card: Naima Merzokhmedova
The operation was performed

Naima Merzokhmedova corrected the metal structure supporting the spine. Two bars were replaced for longer ones, in order to ensure the possibility of further growth of the patient.

Previously, Naima had an operation to correct congenital deformity of the spine, which was successful in the walls of the SPBNIIF.
We say thank you to everyone who helped to raise funds for Naima!

Additional fundraising for Naima

We are starting a fundraising campaign for Naima Merzahmedova again.

The girl needs an operation to elongate the metal structure. Earlier, the child underwent an operation to correct the congenital spine deformation including the rod-screw system installation. Naima is growing, so it has come time to adjust the size of the metal structure.

The operation, as well as the previous one, is planned to be conducted at the Phthisiopulmonology Research Institute in St. Petersburg. The operation will cost 35 000 rubles.
Help Naima

Naima has been successfully operated on!

On 14.06.2016 on the base of the surgical unit of surgery of osseous-articular tuberculosis in children of SPb NIIF Naima underwent surgical intervention: Meningolysis. Segmental resection of 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae. Anterior spondylolysis of 1-4 lumbar vertebrae. Posterior transpedicular spine fixation at the level of 8th thoracic – 5th lumbar vertebrae.


The operation was performed by Professor, Doctor of Med. Sc. Mushkin Aleksandr Yurievich and Chief of the 12th unit Evseev Valery Aleksandrovich. During the surgery 2 lumber vertebrae were removed and after that reposition of the proximal and distal regions of the spine was carried out. After the distal region of the spine was placed into the position which is maximum close to the normal anatomical one, it was rigidly fixed by means of a transpedicular rod-screw system.


The surgery allowed correction of Naima’s congenital spinal deformity placing it into the position which is maximum close to the normal anatomical one. This reduced the risk of spinal cord injury considerably and allowed achievement of physiological redistribution of the load on the spine in the sitting position.


No complications have been observed in the postoperative period, the child feels well.


Installation of the rod-screw system of spine fixation allowed reliable fixation of Naima’s spine after removal of the deformed vertebrae. This improved the disease prognosis and the quality of the child’s life considerably.


The team of the Whole World ICCF heartily thanks the participants of the Whole World international charitable movement for the financial help to Naima Merzakhmedova!



We have opened fundraising for little Naima

Naima was born with multiple congenital abnormalities. Naima’s parents learnt that the child was not healthy before the birth of the girl. Naima was born with a myelocele, internal hydrocephalus, joint myelodysplasia, injury of the CNS. On the second day of her life Naima had emergency surgery:  plastic repair of the lumbar spine malformation, installation of a ventricular drain. 2 weeks later she had a repeat surgery.  Naima spent the first 28 days of her life in the resuscitation department; then she was transferred to the neurosurgical department.


Today the girl does not feel her legs, she cannot stand and does not walk. The parents regularly take the child to rehabilitation treatment but there are no results, unfortunately.


At the Phthisiopulmonology Research Institute in Saint Petersburg Professor Mushkin Aleksandr Yurievich is ready to operate on Naima to fix the spine in the proper position, which may give an impetus for functional activation of the child. To have the surgery performed it is necessary to pay for an expensive metal structure for spine fixation of 684,500 rubles but the girl’s family does not have this money.


We have opened fundraising to pay for this metal structure in order to help little Naima. Read more.

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