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Children card: Dorzho Zambulanov
The collection was closed for Dorzho

We have closed the fund-raising for Dorzho Zambulanov. The boy was required to pay for wrist, knee, ankle and elbow orthoses.


The bill for medical devices was fully paid for with the help of members of the WholeWorld community charity development program.


We wish Dorzo successes and achievements in the fight against cerebral palsy.

Orthoses for Dorzho

Little Dorzho is 1 year old. He lives in Buryatia with his mother, in Kizhinga settlement.


The boy has brain damage and severe psychomotor retardation, as well as a number of other diseases that make rehabilitation treatment impossible. The whole rehabilitation period is reduced to a daily massage. 


Dorzho makes little progress in terms of physical development. But there is still a lot of work. Now the child is in urgent need of orthotics to avoid deformation. Mom of the baby raises a child alone, and pay the bill for the product for such a small family – is an impossible task.


Our foundation opens the collection of funds for Dorzho. More

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