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Charity Marathon Saves Lives!

Our Charity Fund "Whole World" actively works and and helps children in trouble for exactly a year. 

The main direction of the Fund's activity is to help children with malignant bone tumours.  For many years, the treatment of this disease included severe disabling surgery  - complex amputation of limbs.

Currently, there is a possibility of resection of bones and joints with preserving limbs and endoprosthesis replacement of the bone resection area, the so-called organ-conserving surgery.

The expensive high-tech customized endoprosthesis are used in paediatric orthopedic oncology.Their price can reach 1,5 -2 million roubles, and obtaining a quota for the treatment is almost impossible.

In these situations, the CF "Whole World" come to the rescue of little patients. 

As it is seen from the results, the Fund get through the task quite successfully. In addition, doctors from the medical institutions, where our wards were or are being treated, consider that the foundation's work is very effective.

Among the institutions are: Blokhin Cancer Research Center (Moscow), 31 City Clinical Hospital (Saint Petersburg), Petrov Research Institute of Oncology (Saint Petersburg) and even Division of Paediatric Neurosurgery of Berlin's university hospital Charité.

Just consider this: During the first year of its activity, the Fund has helped in raising funds for expensive high-tech surgery operations for 13 children. With each passing day, the rate of charitable aid provision grow and the positive results of our work becomes more pronounced.

But it would not be fair not to mention those who really help children, who provide the Fund with information support and regularly make charitable donations to its wards.

Some people think that the Fund "Whole World" has serious sponsorship or powerful media support.

But this is very far from the reality... 

During all the time of its activities, the Fund did not obtain any money from commercial organizations, had no patrons as it can seem from the outside, and even mass-media companies repeatedly refused to provide the Fund with information support.

The Fund receives charitable donations, the amount of which has already exceeded 12 million roubles, only from ordinary citizens. To date, more than 20000 people from 117 countries of the world have become the Fund's benefactors and their number is steadily growing.

This consolidated ambition of people from all corners of the globe in their efforts to help seriously ill children is impressive. The majority of these people are regular donators to the Fund. For that, we express our sincere gratitude!

We would like to specially mention the participants and organizers of the special project "Charity Marathon" which started just a week ago and has already shown its high efficiency. Thanks to the participants of the Charity Marathon, the money began to come into the Fund much faster and there already are results which can be called really impressive.

Thus, the participants of the Marathon were able to collect 41000 dollars for the emergency surgery of our ward Alexey Kovalenko during only 2 days. Earlier, the funds were raised for Alina Zhigalina and Oleh Kovalev. 

It should not be forgotten that practically every day we are asked for help. Now, the fundraising campaign for surgery of Ilya Finagin which is scheduled for December and will take place at Saint Petersburg 31 City Clinical Hospital has started.

On behalf of the Fund and the relatives of our wards, we express our deepest gratitude to all participants and organizers of the Charity Marathon. We would like this tradition to continue, the Marathon to gather steam and the number of participants to grow.

Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                You do really good thing!


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