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Children card: Bato Zhambaldagbaev
The fundraising for Bato is closed

We are closing the fundraising for Bato Zhambaldagbaev. The child required payment for  wrist, ankle and elbow orthoses.


The bill for the medical devices has been fully paid by the Whole World Fund. The orthoses have been successfully installed.


We thank all the participants of the Whole World public charity development program for help in the fundraising.

Bato, the cheerful boy

The foolish mistake of the doctor at birth tragically affected the life of Bato and his family. After his birth, the baby spent more than two days on mechanical ventilation. As a result, a diagnosis was made: "Cerebral palsy in a mixed form, spastic tetraparesis, dyskinetic form, choreoathetosis of medium severity".


Parents are diligently engaged in the child’s rehabilitation, which gives successful results: Bato began to utter some words, although his parents had already lost the hope to hear; he sits, crawls on all fours. The child is very positive, active and inquisitive. The dream of the family is to teach our son to walk, and all the efforts are thrown on the cherished goal.


Now, the number one task is to provide the child with the technical means of rehabilitation, since there appeared adduction contractures of the lower limbs and flexion contractures of the hands.


The “Whole World” fund has initiated a fundraising to purchase the wrist, ankle, elbow orthoses for Bato Zhambaldagbaev.

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