News list / Subject: Ayusha Chimitdorzhiev
Children card: Ayusha Chimitdorzhiev
The orthoses for Ayusha have been paid for.

The Whole World Fund  paid for a set of knee and ankle orthoses for Ayusha Chimitdorzhiev.

Once again, the Foundation team thanks the participants of the WholeWorld public charity development program for their prompt financial support.

We wish Ayusha and his whole family perseverance and determination in the fight against cerebral palsy!

One more Ayusha is waiting for help

Ayusha is 15; he is a very cheerful and goal-oriented young man. Ayusha lives with his family in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia. In the first year of his life the boy was diagnosed with ICP, spastic diplegia. Since then Ayusha has repeatedly undergone different rehabilitations, including dolphin therapy, received treatment in medical centers and hospitals. But, unfortunately, the result of all these events has been insignificant.


Ayusha does not walk, cannot stand on his own, crawls on all fours, says just some words.


In the late 2017 in Beijing the boy underwent a surgery which involved peripheral nerve constriction (popliteally), release of the adductor muscle, bilateral Achilles tendon lengthening, release of the head of the anterior tibial muscle, reposition of the foot semitendinosus.


The surgery was successful: the muscle hypertonia decreased, the scope of leg movements increased.


Now the child needs continuous postoperative rehabilitation and wearing of specialized orthoses on his knee and ankle joints.


Anyusha’s family try to do everything they can to put the son on his feet but they lack sufficient funds for everything.
Let us all together help the boy. To help

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