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Children card: Ayusha Badmaev
The orthoses for Ayusha have been paid for.

Ayusha Badmaev needs to pay for the medical orthoses due to the congenital hip dysplasia.


Owing to the support of the Whole World program of public charity development and all its active participants we have promptly succeeded in raising the funds and paying the bill for medical products for Ayusha.


The necessary orthoses will be soon mounted to correct the dislocation and to fix the joints in the proper position.


We thank everybody for the fundraising!

Ayusha needs your help

Ayusha Badmaev was diagnosed ICP, symptomatic epilepsy, congenital hip dysplasia.


The boy lives with his mother, father and two older brothers in Ulan-Ude. Parents are actively engaged in the treatment of their child, regularly undergo rehabilitation in various clinics. Thanks to it in his three years Ayusha can  sit, stand, stand at the pillar and walk in a walking frame.


Because of hip dysplasia and lack of motor activity Ayusha requires the set of braces with cost of 61600 rubles. Only father works in the family, the material means are not enough for all. So Badaev family had to turn to our foundation.


Let's help Ayusha together. More

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