News list / Subject: Ayana Nimaeva
Children card: Ayana Nimaeva
Fundraising for Ayana has been closed

The Whole World Fund has closed fundraising for Ayana Nimaeva.


A set of orthoses and a functional correcting brace with a head supporter were paid for the child.

We wish Ayana  to achieve her cherished goal and to learn to walk on her own!


We say thank you very much for your help in raising funds for all participants of the WholeWorld public charity development program.

Ayana wants to learn to walk

At the 10 years of age Ayana Minaeva from Temnik settlement cannot walk and stand by herself. The child’s diagnosis is ICP, spastic tetraparesis.


Ayana is very a sociable and inquisitive girl; she enjoys playing with her toys and listening to music.  


To reach her goal and to learn to walk Ayana has undergone several surgeries and is now having medical rehabilitation, its condition being wearing of specialized orthoses and a brace. The cost of the set of these medical devices is unaffordable for the family. Let us help Ayana together. More

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