News list / Subject: Aryuna Khadanova
Children card: Aryuna Khadanova
Aryuna really needs help

At 2 months, Aryuna was taken ill very seriously, the child had a purulent pneumococcal meningoencephalitis. For a long time, the girl was treated in different hospitals, but unfortunately, the illness left severe consequences, specifically, brain damage, tetraparesis, deterioration of eyesight and hearing, 3rd degree obesity acquired due to medication.


Now Aryuna is 3 years old, she neither walks, nor stands, not can she sit, crawl; she utters several words. In the spring of 2018, Aryuna has passed a surgery in Barnaul aiming to eliminate the spastic subluxation of the right and left thighs. After the surgery, the child’s legs were completely out in plaster for a long time.


At the moment, the girl is assigned to wear foot orthoses to remove the feet deformity. More.

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