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Children card: Artyom Lapko
Fundraising for Artem has been closed

Artem’s foster parents managed independently to find money to pay for the spine surgery to remount the hardware.


As a result we close the fundraising for Artem. The raised targeted aid will be redirected to help other wards of the Fund.

Artyom needs surgery

Artyom from Nikopol lives with an adoptive family. He is a merry, cheerful and energetic boy, he is a first-form pupil with As in all subjects and many hobbies.  

When he got to the orphanage his condition was quite grave: Artyom could neither talk nor sit, it was hard for him to move, he kept lying in his bed. He had a hump. The child had had Pott disease (tuberculous spondylitis) which led to deformation of his spine, several vertebrae were lost and a fragment of one vertebra got into the bone marrow.   


Artyom is being treated at the Saint-Petersburg State Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology. In 2003 he underwent a reconstructive spine surgery carried out by a surgeon and professor Mushkin A.Y., Dr. habil. In the course of the surgery a metal structure was installed. In 2015 the structure was reinstalled.


The boy is growing and developing quickly and recently there arose the question of another structure reinstallation surgery which costs 698 thousand rubles. The surgery needs to be done in the near future.


Find more about Artyom and provide help.

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