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Children card: Anna Muravyeva
Corset for Anya has been paid

The Whole World Fund has paid for specialized corset for Anna Muravyeva from Ulan-Ude. In the coming days, the installation of medical devices will be held.


And again the Foundation team thanks the participants of the WholeWorld public charity development program for financial help to our patients.



We wish Anya great success in the fight against cerebral palsy.

Anya needs a special brace

Since her very birth Anya has been diagnosed with ICP, spastic tetraparesis. The child received nootropic therapy, massage and physiotherapy. Anya was assigned disability. At the age of 6 the girl started having convulsions and received a secondary diagnosis: symptomatic epilepsy. After that appropriate therapy started which gave good results, and the convulsions decreased.


Unfortunately, Anya cannot walk or stand or sit or hold her head. The girl’s relatives regularly take her to different rehabilitation centers but the treatment result has been poor so far.


Due to the passive body position there appeared contractures in her elbow and knee joints. The family succeeded in buying a set of orthoses to support the joints in the proper position. Now Anya urgently needs a functional spinal support with a head holder supporting the spine and muscles of the back.


Anya lives in Ulan-Ude with her grandmother and grandfather; her mother is in another town.
Let us all together support Anya.

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