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Children card: Anna Kolevatova
Anna's surgery has been performed

Anna Kolevatova's surgery to remove the tumour and install the elbow joint endoprosthesis was performed on 10th of April at Petrov Oncology Research Institute.
The surgery was successful, Anna has been moved from intensive care to a general ward.
The girl is able to make passive movements by the operated arm.


The missing funds will be transferred as payment for the endoprosthesis soon.


We wish Anna to recover quickly and thank all the concerned people who helped us in fundraising.

Anna needs urgent surgery

Dear Friends!

We resume the urgent fundraising campaign for Anna Kolevatova's  treatment.

In February, the international charitable foundation Whole World was asked for help by the parents of a 11-year old girl, Anna Kolevatova, which was diagnosed with a malignant tumour: chondrosarcoma in proximal epimetaphysis of right ulna. The girl is currently undergoing chemotherapy in Petrov Cancer Research Institute. To save her hand, a surgery to replace the elbow joint with an endoprosthesis must be performed in late March.


The cost of the endoprosthesis, which is vital for the girl, makes 1 500 000 roubles, but there is very little time left for raising funds. The Whole World charitable foundation asks for your participation and assistance in raising funds for our ward Anna Kolevatova.

You can help Anna to obtain the vital treatment by sending an SMS with the text "WW 100" to a short number 3116. The SMS is priced at 100 roubles.

You can donate any amount by changing the value "100" to any other.

See all ways to donate at:

Fundraising for Anna is closed

In connection with changes in the treatment plan, we are closing the fundraising campaign for Anna Kolevatova. We thank all who responded to the appeal for help, all the funds raised will be used for treatment of other wards of the Foundation. We wish Anna to get well soon!

Urgent Surgery for Anna

Anna Kolevatova is eleven years old, she lives in St. Petersburg. In December 2013, the girl began to complain of pain in the right elbow, which increased every day. Anna has undergone the first surgery on her arm at  G.I.Turner Institute, during which a cyst was removed from the bone. The specimens taken after the surgery were send to Petrov Oncology Research Institute. After further investigations, it became clear that there is a malignant tumour in the child's elbow. Anna was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in proximal epimetaphysis of right ulna.


An urgent surgery to remove the tumour and install the elbow joint endoprosthesis is required to save Anna's arm from amputation. The surgery is scheduled for mid-March. The endoprosthesis for Anna can be manufactured in the United Kingdom. It will be made using the latest technologies in the field of prosthetic care. The prosthesis will be silver coated in order to avoid metallosis and infection and equipped with special devices for a better survival rate in the girl's tissues. The estimated cost of the endoprosthesis makes 1 300 000 roubles.


The "Whole World" foundation begins the emergency fundraising campaign to purchase the endoprosthesis for Anna.

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