News list / Aleksey sends his best regards!
Aleksey sends his best regards!

This week we have received a letter with words of deep gratitude from Aleksey Kovalenko and his mother Elena.


In the photo is Aleksey who now lives a full-fledged adult life, studies at the university, travels, does sport, and makes plans for the future.


But just 5 years ago everything was quite different, and the young man’s life was hanging in the balance. Remember how it was.


In November our Fund was addressed by Aleksey’s mother with a request for help. Aleksey was diagnosed with a cerebral tumor and needed urgent surgery at the moment. Doctors from German Charite clinic agreed to perform this urgent surgery. This surgery needed about 50,000 EUR, and every day counted.


It was then that our fund jointly with the WholeWorld public charity development program for the first time launched the Charity Marathon campaign during which we managed to raise the required amount in a matter of days and promptly pay the bill to the German clinic where they were already waiting for Aleksey.


Within just 5 days after addressing the Whole World International Children Charitable Fund Aleksey already arrived in Germany for treatment. The surgery was successful, and Aleksey soon returned home healthy.


We sincerely wish Aleksey good health, success in studies and happiness in his personal life!


Today, together with the WholeWorld International fundraising movement and the TurboCrowd crowdfunding platform our fund renews this excellent motivating event, and this time we are launching the already open-ended Charity Marathon.


The event has already started, join us!




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