Aryuna really needs help
At 2 months, Aryuna was taken ill very seriously, the child had a purulent pneumococcal meningoencephalitis. For a long time, the girl was treated in different hospitals, but unfortunately, the illness left severe consequences, specifically, brain damage, tetraparesis, deterioration of eyesight and hearing, 3rd degree obesity acquired due to medication.
Bato, the cheerful boy
The foolish mistake of the doctor at birth tragically affected the life of Bato and his family. After his birth, the baby spent more than two days on mechanical ventilation. As a result, a diagnosis was made: "Cerebral palsy in a mixed form, spastic tetraparesis, dyskinetic form, choreoathetosis of medium severity".
The orthoses for Ayusha have been paid for.
The Whole World Fund paid for a set of knee and ankle orthoses for Ayusha Chimitdorzhiev. Once again, the Foundation team thanks the participants of the WholeWorld public charity development program for their prompt financial support.
Anya needs a special brace
Since her very birth Anya has been diagnosed with ICP, spastic tetraparesis. The child received nootropic therapy, massage and physiotherapy. Anya was assigned disability. At the age of 6 the girl started having convulsions and received a secondary diagnosis: symptomatic epilepsy.
The orthoses for Ayusha have been paid for.
Ayusha Badmaev needs to pay for the medical orthoses due to the congenital hip dysplasia. Owing to the support of the Whole World program of public charity development and all its active participants we have promptly succeeded in raising the funds and paying the bill for medical products for Ayusha.

90% of children in the Russia are able to recover from leukemia
The executives of Dima Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at a meeting with the Russian president said, "In the Russian Federation, almost 90% of children suffering from acute lymphatic leukemia are able to recover, and 40% of children have the possibility to undergo the transplantation they need."
Development of Children's Palliative Care
The "Children's Palliative" charitable foundation is launching a regional program subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in order to support development of the Russian children's palliative care system.
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