90% of children in the Russia are able to recover from leukemia
The executives of Dima Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at a meeting with the Russian president said, "In the Russian Federation, almost 90% of children suffering from acute lymphatic leukemia are able to recover, and 40% of children have the possibility to undergo the transplantation they need."
Development of Children's Palliative Care
The "Children's Palliative" charitable foundation is launching a regional program subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in order to support development of the Russian children's palliative care system.
In 2015 an innovative preparation will come out
BIOCAD Biopharmaceutical Company has presented the results of the clinical research of the III phase of the new preparation for treatment of a hard complication of chemotherapy: neutropenia. This is the first domestic G-KSF biological preparation of durable effect. The trade name is Extimia ® (INN: Empegfilgrastim).
The first in-patient facility for rehabilitation
The opening of the in-patient facility of medical-social rehabilitation of children At Moscow Scientific-Practical Center of Medical-Social Rehabilitation of Disabled People (SPC of MSR) brought the medical institution to a new round of development and became part of the emerging municipal system of integrated rehabilitation aid to people with disabilities.
Charity in China
China has been traditionally one of the “mean” countries. According to British Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), it is among the last ten countries in the global charity rating (140th position in 2011). Following the centuries-long Confucian traditions, common Chinese people render gratuitous aid primarily to closest relatives...
Construction of an oncological in Novosibirsk
The oncological early treatment center is expected to include an admission department, a treatment section for 725 beds, nine diagnostic and treatment departments, an out-patient clinic as well as administrative and utility facilities.
Oncological radiation therapy in Russia
In Russia, 300 thousand patients die of cancer every year. But until recently, there was no strategic plan for the radiation therapy development. To compare: 30-35 thousand people die on Russian roads per year. The Government is concerned by this fact, increases penalties and tightens punishments.
Doctors performed a miracle in the 31-th City Hospital
The unique surgery was carried out in the 31-th City Hospital. Not only hospitals in Kaliningrad was afraid to accept the boy for treatment, but also federal clinics in Moscow. Ilya is here, in St. Petersburg, for a half year, he experienced several miracles in his life during that time. And not only thanks to our medicine.
Immunotherapy of cancer is a major breakthrough of 2013
"The passing year was the turning point in fight against cancer: attempts to set the immune system against tumours have finally begun to bear fruits, also their future is questionable" Science writes in an editorial paper.
We continue to help!
The Charitable Fund "Whole World" has fully paid the pelvic endoprosthesis...
Charity Marathon Saves Lives!
Our Charity Fund "Whole World" actively works and and helps children in trouble for exactly a year. The main direction of the Fund's activity is to help children with malignant bone tumours. For many years, the treatment of this disease included severe disabling surgery - complex amputation of limbs. Currently, there is a possibility of resection of bones and joints with preserving limbs and endoprosthesis replacement of the bone resection area, the so-called organ-conserving surgery.
How beauty is saving the world: "Miss Universe" charitable auction sale
National gifts auction sale is a heart-warming tradition of Miss Universe competition first held in Russia this year. Each beauty has prepared her lot for sale and all funds raised will be transferred to the charitable fund helping children with oncohaematological and other severe diseases.
Expert: the future of cancer treatment is with combination medications
Combination medications are the tomorrow in the fight against oncological diseases, and the development of such drugs is approaching the final stage, said the participants of the round table organized in the London headquarters of the Swedish-British AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company.
Experts about possibilities and problems of child oncology treatment in Russia
Russia has technological capabilities for treatment of children with cerebral tumors, with problems arising due to delayed diagnosing and late beginning of treatment – this was the conclusion arrived at by the experts participating in the roundtable discussion at RIA News.
15 thousand children-cancer sufferers in RF need rehabilitation
Chief of Remedial Treatment and Rehabilitation Department in Federal Research and Clinical Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology Named after Dima Rogachev, Grigori Tseitlin told RIA Novosti how many children need rehabilitation treatment after oncologic and hematologic diseases and what programs were being carried out in Russia at the moment.
Cancer Patients Can Directly Refer to Federal Medical Institutions
“Each Russian citizen has a right for oncologic treatment in any Russian institution, including special Federal Institutions without waiting for any quotas,” said the Chief Oncologist of RF Ministry of Health Mikhail Davydov during RIA Novosti press-conference on Monday.
The anticancer drugs will be produced in Saint Petersburg
Thanks to the newly established production the city will be able to do without the imported drugs and purchase those that are produced in Saint Petersburg. It is supposed that the plant will fully satisfy the Russia’s demand for the high-potent medical products.
Charity in the Net: how not to make fraudsters rich
The calls for help in collecting to money for the treatment abroad, operations or urgent hospitalizationcan be frequently seen in the social networks. The users reposting such pleas for help to the children they do not know sometimes do not check the information published, including the banking details.
Hospital clowns help to pull the disease a long nose
Beginners have foam noses, those who have already worked there have rubber and plastic noses while those who spend most time in the hospital with children have leather noses … A nose is not just an attribute but a symbol of attitude to life. Grotesqueness and ingenuity that help to enter the child’s world.
The Children’s Hospice received a building, Moscow downtown
Temporary acting as a Mayor of City of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin informed of the official decision to give the “Children’s Hospice” charitable institution a building in the center of the capital for the free use for a term of 49 years.
Michail Davydov named as a chief oncologist of Russia
Director of the Russian Oncology Scientific Centre (ROSC) named after Blokhin Mikhail Davydov was appointed the chief oncologist of Russia. He replaced Valeryi Chissov, who left the position of Directory of the Moscow Oncologic Institution named after Hertsen after the bribing scandal with his Deputy.
US-Russia Against Cancer Center is to be built in Barnaul
US-Russia Against Cancer Center will be created on the basis of a classical university in Barnaul before the end of 2013, said representative of the educational institution to the programme RIA Novosti. Experts of the center will focus on development of methods for early detection of cancer and synthetic antibodies.
For russian orphans will pay for treatment abroad
In the bill for orphans and children who left without parental care, included norm that they be able to receive medical care outside the country at the expense of the Russian budget.
Palliative care should be connected at once
Incurable diagnosis affects not only the patient, but also his entire family, that need to teach, live up to the death of a loved one, and after it, considers President of Charitable Fund "Vera" Nuta Federmesser.
How examine the child on the cancer?
"Can you imagine what is femur amputation at the girl 18 years old? It´s catastrophe! But the most important thing is not even that, and what these children -because sarcomas often ill 14-17-year-olds - earlier, almost all died. Today, the majority recover, " - says Mikhail Davydov, director of the Oncology Center behalf of Blokhin...
On May 31st arrives in St. Petersburg "Donnors Train"
St. Petersburg, May 27, at 10:00 Moscow time on platform number 5 of Vitebsk railway station
St. Petersburg will arrive unusual train- "Donnors Train" JSC "RZD" and "Donor´s fund". Wagons of a special "train for donors'will be pre-converted to the point of blood transfusion and equipped with everything necessary for blood donation.
The second building of the children’s hospice will be built in St. Petersburg
A visiting meeting devoted to creation of the second facility of the Children’s Hospice announced its construction in St. Petersburg. The meeting took place at the site requiring reconstruction where the second facility of the hospice will be located: Lessner’s Dacha in Varvarinskaya street.
New radiation therapy for cancer patients that has NO side-effects such hair loss or nausea
Scientists have developed a new radiation therapy for cancer patients that has no debilitating side-effects such as hair loss or sickness. Trials in the U.S. have successfully killed cancer cells in mice and funding is now being sought to test the treatment on humans. Side-effects of radiotherapy occur because it temporarily damages some of the healthy cells as well as destroying the cancerous ones.
Israeli researchers developing stem-cell therapy for children with renal cancer
The team at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer has also developed a new therapeutic approach that could eventually provide an alternative to the often damaging chemotherapy now used on children with renal cancer.
Tiny implants signal new way to treat cancer tumours
The devices, about the size of an eyelash, would be implanted into patients’ tumours. They would allow doctors to target radiotherapy, and ultimately chemotherapy, where and when it is most needed, improving patients’ chances of recovery.
Chemotherapy for children becomes free in Russia
Due to the new standards of medical assistance in Russia Mandatory Health Insurance now includes full chemotherapy course for children with cancer. Previously only the first course of chemo was free.
Facebook, Google tech gurus to design cancer research game
Scientists from a British cancer charity are teaming up with technology gurus from the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google to design and develop a mobile game aimed at speeding the search for new cancer drugs.
First social network for disabled children
Last Friday disabled children of Tomsk Region got an opportunity to write their blogs on the first in Russia charity website that also allows benefactors to donate directly using the web.
This project is to help children to receive needed help faster.
FDA approves Roche's Kadcyla
FDA approves Roche's Kadcyla (trastuzumab emtansine), the first antibody-drug conjugate for treating HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. New personalised medicine helped people in Phase III study live longer, compared to standard treatment.
Mardjana Sadykova. “Guests”. Photo Exhibition.
Mardjana is 13 and she has cancer. But she is not a patient; she is an artist and a photographer. Marjana takes photos at home right in her one-room apartment where she has a full professional set-up for photo sessions including all kinds of sources of light, stands, screens, etc.
A unique oncological project
Saint-Petersburg vice Governor Olga Kazanskaya recently took part in a ceremony held by the Saint-Petersburg Oncology SRI named after N.N.Petrov and AstraZeneka pharmaceutical company in the name of their future cooperation and united research contract signing.
SCA said “Yes!” to children’s hospice
The SCA ice hockey club took patronage over a Saint-Petersburg children’s hospice.
The club’s administration has been supporting this unique medical facility for almost a year and now sportsmen themselves joined children along with the club’s administration and visited little patients on the 29 th of January.
Make Purchases and Give Hope
MasterCard, a global payments and technology company, and "Stand Up To Cancer" Movement (SU2C) have united for the "Make purchases and give hope" initiative aimed to support researchers and scientists all over the world in collaboration of innovative solutions for cancer treatment.
Unique Oncology Center in Moscow
‘Medicina’ JSC is about to finish its equipment supplies to the new Oncology Center in Moscow that cost 140 million US dollars to build.
Japanese Kill Cancer, HIV with STEM CELLS
Researchers in Japan have for the first time shown it is possible to make cancer-specific immune system cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Their work brings closer the day when therapies use cloned versions of patients' own cells to boost their immune system's natural ability to kill cancer cells.

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