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Daniil Doronin
5 years
needed: 61 600 руб
collected: 61 600 руб
Let us help Danya
Danya is 5; he lives with his mother, father and senior brother in Voronezh. And everything would be fine but Danya was born with a genetic disease. Besides, Danya has ICP, and at the age of 5 years he has just learnt to roll over and sit with a support.

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Date From Amount To Money transfer method City country
25-12-2018 МБФПД "Всем Миром" 61400 rub. Daniil Doronin WholeWorld Saint-Petersburg Russia
21-12-2018 Гладченко Александр Гладченко 100 rub. Daniil Doronin Whole World ICCF Russian Federation Russia
19-12-2018 Давид Ж 100 rub. Daniil Doronin Whole World ICCF France France
61 600 РУБ.
дата пациент куда на что сумма город страна
25-12-2018 Daniil Doronin ООО "ОСТ-Коннект" Оплата медицинских изделий 61600 rub. Saint-Petersburg Russia
61600 РУБ.
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