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Elina Gorbacheva
15 years
needed: 183 000 руб
collected: 183 100 руб
Help has come to Ellina
Ellina has received help in the form of express orthesotherapy. A brace to correct the spinal deformity (cyphosis and scoliosis) to wear while sitting in the daytime as well as orthoses (removable joint immobilizers) on her elbow, knee and ankle joints to eliminate the contractures and fix the joints in the functionally favorable position to avoid further deterioration have been manufactured. Ellina will wear these removable joint immobilizers at night.

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Date From Amount To Money transfer method City country
28-02-2017 Дворядкина Лариса 100 rub. Elina Gorbacheva WholeWorld Rostov Russia
11-01-2017 МБФПД "Всем Миром" 181800 rub. Elina Gorbacheva WholeWorld Saint-Petersburg Russia
31-12-2016 Владислав 200 rub. Elina Gorbacheva WholeWorld Moscow Russia
30-12-2016 Буканбетова айнура Бактыбековна 500 rub. Elina Gorbacheva WholeWorld Moscow Russia
29-12-2016 Алексей Иванов 500 rub. Elina Gorbacheva WholeWorld Russia
183 100 РУБ.
дата пациент куда на что сумма город страна
11-01-2017 Elina Gorbacheva ООО "ОСТ-Коннект" Оплата коплекта ортезов 183000 rub. Russia
183000 РУБ.
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