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Roman Ivanov
21 years
needed: 450 000 руб
collected: 450 000 руб
Roman needs the newest implant
Subject: Roman Ivanov
Roman was a sickly, delicate child, constantly suffering from colds and flu. However at thirteen years Roman who had had enough of being a tadpole started to do sport actively. First he started to do exercise outdoors with his friends. A year later his mom, supporting her son’s decision, signed him up in the sports club not far from home.

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Date From Amount To Money transfer method City country
15-06-2015 ОАО "ТГК-1" 330000 rub. Roman Ivanov WholeWorld Saint-Petersburg Russia
15-06-2015 МБФПД "Всем Миром" 118919 rub. Roman Ivanov WholeWorld Saint-Petersburg Russia
06-06-2015 ׍ 192.3 rub. Roman Ivanov WholeWorld Moscow Russia
06-06-2015 Евгения 500 rub. Roman Ivanov WholeWorld Russia
02-06-2015 Александр 100 rub. Roman Ivanov WholeWorld Russia
01-06-2015 Алексей Иванов 288.46 rub. Roman Ivanov WholeWorld Glazov Russia
450 000 РУБ.
дата пациент куда на что сумма город страна
15-06-2015 Roman Ivanov ООО "ОСТ-Коннект" Оплата импланта межпозвонкового диска 450000 rub. Saint-Petersburg Russia
450000 РУБ.
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