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Ali Damirov
5 years
needed: 263 500 руб
collected: 1 800 руб
Ali Damirov - Fundraising is Closed!
Subject: Ali Damirov
We are closing the fundraising for Ali Damirov. Thanks to the Vkontakte group devoted to the boy, Ali's mother has succeeded to raise the entire amount necessary for the treatment. At the end of May, Ali will go for rehabilitation treatment at Sanitas Clinic in Iskitim, Novosibirsk region. We wish Ali and his mother Gula many successes in overcoming cerebral palsy.

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Date From Amount To Money transfer method City country
02-04-2015 Ольга Родина 1300 rub. Ali Damirov WholeWorld Moscow Russia
26-03-2015 ׍ 50 rub. Ali Damirov WholeWorld Ufa Russia
25-03-2015 ׍ 150 rub. Ali Damirov WholeWorld Glazov Russia
24-03-2015 ׍ 300 rub. Ali Damirov WholeWorld Ufa Russia
1 800 РУБ.
дата пациент куда на что сумма город страна
19-05-2015 Ali Damirov Гофурова Г. Перевод адресной помощи 1800 rub. Saint-Petersburg Russia
1800 РУБ.
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