CHILDREN → Zhalsan Olboroev
Zhalsan Olboroev
3 years
needed: 75 000 руб
collected: 200 руб
Meet Zhalsan
The mother of 3-year-old Zhalsan from Ulan-Ude has applied to the Whole World Fund with a request for help. The boy has ICP and gross psychomotor retardation. The child does not walk or crawl or sit. Besides, the boy has epilepsy which hinders development still more. At the moment Zhalsan urgently needs orthotics of his ankle and knee joints as well as installation of a semirigid spine support to avoid problems with his spine and joints.

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Date From Amount To Money transfer method City country
17-10-2018 Юлия 100 rub. Zhalsan Olboroev Whole World ICCF Russia
12-10-2018 Александр 100 rub. Zhalsan Olboroev Whole World ICCF Russian Federation Russia
200 РУБ.
дата пациент куда на что сумма город страна
200 РУБ.
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