1.       General Provisions
1.1.     The International Children Charitable Fund, Whole World, legally represented by its President, Alexey Nikolayevich Sumenkov, acting ex officio (hereinafter referred to as the “Recipient”), hereby makes an offer to conclude this Agreement to any individual (general public), whose will is expressed either personally or through an authorized representative (Art. 182, 185, Civil Code of the Russian Federation), and who expresses willingness to make a money transfer to the Recipient’s account as a non-repayable contribution (hereinafter referred to as the Donator).
1.2.     The Agreement acceptance consists in placing the mark of acceptance of the Charitable Donation Agreement to the left of the text “I accept the Charitable Donation Agreement” at the Recipient’s websites (www.ww.ru and www.wholeworld.pro), as well as any other websites, where there is possibility to make charitable donations in favour of the Recipient.
1.4.     By accepting this Agreement, the Donator guarantees that he or she is fully acquainted with, agrees and unconditionally accepts all the terms and conditions of the Agreement in the form they are presented in the text of the Agreement.
1.5.     By accepting the Agreement, the Donator guarantees that he or she has legal rights to enter into contractual relationships with the Recipient.
1.6.     The Agreement may not be cancelled after it has been accepted by the Donator.
1.7.     The Agreement does not require the Donator’s and Recipient’s (hereinafter referred to as "the Parties") seals and/or signatures while retaining full legal force.
Scope of Agreement
2.       The Donator gratuitously provides the Recipient with monetary funds (donations) in the amount defined by the Donator itself.
3.       The donations shall be provided in order to implement the Recipient’s charitable programs aimed at treating children with hematological, oncological and other serious diseases, as well as helping the families of such children, medical institutions where the children with hematological, oncological and other serious diseases are treated.
For the purposes of this Agreement, all young people aged up to 18 years inclusive shall be deemed to be children.
The arrangements for the use of funds is defined by Federal Act no. 135-FZ of 11/08/1995, On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations.
Rights and Duties
4.       The Recipient hereby undertakes to use the charitable donation received under this Agreement strictly in accordance with the purposes specified in clause 2 of this Agreement.
5.       The Recipient undertakes to publish on its websites, www.ww.ru and www.wholeworld.pro reports on charitable donations received to its account in accordance with this Agreement, as well as on the expenditure of funds.
6.       The Recipient has the right to indicate in its reports and materials the Donator’s surname, first name, country and city of the Donator, as well as the donation amount.
7.       The Donator agrees that the fact of transferring the charitable donation to the Recipient's current account is the acceptance of this Public Offer Agreement.
8.       All disputes and disagreements in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved by the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg, in the manner required by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
9.       Recipient’s Details
Non-profit organization, International Children Charitable Fund, Whole World.
GRNO Certificate No. 7814011850
OGRN (Main State Registration Number) 1127800003550
INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7841290597
KPP (Tax Registration Reason Number) 784101001
Current account: 40703810332000000013 in the Saint Petersburg branch of Alfa Bank JSC
Correspondent account: 30101810600000000786 in the Main Clearing Center of the Main Office of the Bank of Russia for the City of Saint Petersburg
BIC(Russia) 044030786
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