Whole World international charitable save the children fund was established on April 12, 2012. The fund is registered with Public register of NGOs under No.7814011850.

Whole World Fund was established with the assistance and support of Whole World LLC within the frames of the Program of development of the public charitable cause of Whole World.

Whole World Fund helps the children in need of expensive treatment and rehabilitation but having no possibility to get high-tech medical services under the quota as well as the children that need medical treatment abroad for medical reasons.

Whole World charitable fund is an international fund. Mainly donations are received from ordinary public. As of today over 15000 people from over 110 countries of the world have made donations  and this number is constantly growing. 

Such concerted action of people from across the globe in zeal to help seriously ill children is impressing. Majority of these donators make constant donations to the fund and we are really grateful to them for that!

Fund President
Alexey Sumenkov
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