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Children card: Yaroslav Elizarov
Yaroslav is waiting for help

Olga Elizarova, Yaroslav’s mother, applied to us.
Her son had a birth trauma which, unfortunately, had an adverse effect on the health and subsequent development of Yaroslav.


The current diagnosis is: Miller-Dieker syndrome associated with mutation in the PAFAH1B1 gene. Paracephalia (subtotal lissencephalia, laminar subcortical heterotopy of the gray matter, dysmyelination of the white matter of the cerebrums, dysplastic ventriculomegaly). Infantile cerebral paralysis syndrome, hyptonic-astatic form. Psycho-speech delay. Epileptic encephalopathy.


Together with his mother Yaroslav is making small but confident steps along the way of rehabilitation which provides certain results: the boy has learnt to walk with support, to pronounce some separate words, to turn over, to sit up and to sit by himself. Olga raises and takes care of her son alone; their father died soon after Yaroslav’s birth. Accordingly, the family has a tough time as Yaroslav’s health and development need constant care and many rehabilitation procedures are expensive, let alone the medications.


The orthopedic doctor recommended Yaroslav to wear a special removable joint immobilizer on the ankle and the entire leg to keep it vertical and to eliminate the valgus feet deformity. The cost of the set is 63,900 rubles.
Our Whole World Fund calls upon everybody to help this small family to buy the necessary medical devices.


We remind you of the available way to render charitable help; for more detail please see the section RENDERING HELP.


You can also send an SMS donation to the number 3443 with the text WW100.
The cost of this SMS is 100 rbl. You can change the amount by substituting “100” for another value.

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