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Children card: Vitalik Kolechenok
Orthoses for Vitalik have been paid

Vitalik needs purchase and installation of orthoses on his ankle joints as they started deforming due to lack of motion activity. It is to be recalled that the child has ICP.  


Our Fund has paid for the procedure of express orthotics for Vitalik. The boy’s joints are now fixed in the proper position, which improves their condition.


We are grateful to the Whole World program of development of public charity for help with fundraising.  


We wish Vitalik great success in rehabilitation and sound health.

Vitalik needs our support

Dear friends,
Our Fund wants to tell you the story of Vitalik, a boy with clever light eyes.


Since his very birth Vitalik has had ICP and big problems with physical development; the child does not speak, walk, sit, cannot hold a spoon. The parents constantly work with the boy; all the day is scheduled by the hour and they regularly undergo examinations and rehabilitation in Russian and foreign clinics.  Despite the doctors’ skeptical forecasts all the restorative measures for Vitalik give results, though little. These tiny victories and the child’s clever speaking eyes motivate the parents not to give up but to go forward.


The family has recently faced the problem: the lack of motor activity has affected Vitalik’s joints; they need rigid support and fixation by means of medical orthoses. The boy needs a set of ankle and knee orthoses. Their cost is 67,500 rubles.


More detail about Vitalik.

To help the child.

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