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The final push

In mid-autumn Semen got a small fistula in the area of the already practically healed postoperative wound. It became necessary to perform surgical revision which identified a small defect requiring repeated application of a vacuum wound healing apparatus. As the defect was small and the major problems of Semen in the area of the wound had been resolved, the decision was made to install several expendable apparatuses (changing them every four days). We hope that this will facilitate the final solution of this problem and closing of the wound defect.


On the whole Semen walks well on his operated leg and feels fine. All the efforts which have been made for his recovery by the people concerned have been applied in the proper direction, which has led to the most positive results. The last push is to be made and Semen will be able to forget about hospital walls and painful dressings for a long time.


The required amount with account of two apparatuses and related expendable materials is 50,000 rubles.


You can help the boy by different ways, including by sending a sms-message
WWRU 100 to the number 3443.   The cost of the SMS is 100 rbl. You can change the amount by replacing “100” with another value.

Fundraising for Semen has been closed

After the surgery in November 2015 of shin endoprosthesis replacement Semen had a nonhealing wound on the shin, its treatment being complicated by the chemotherapy and decrease in immunity due to that. After the numerous attempts to cure this wound by traditional methods at  Hospital No. 31 the decision was made to install an apparatus for vacuum wound healing of  Smith&Nephew Company. Our Fund paid for the purchase of this apparatus for Semen treatment.


After installation of the apparatus our ward has had very good dynamics. The wound heals;  however, as distinguished from ordinary healthy people it goes extremely slowly. The wound healing is complicated by the presence of the primary disease: Ewing tumor.   
WE strongly hope that this complicated situation will be resolved well in the near future.


The team of the Whole World ICCF expresses great gratitude to the participants of the Whole World international charitable movement for the financial support. Unlimited thanksyou’re your invaluable help to children!


We wish Semen success in treatment and speedy recovery!

Let us help Semen to save his leg

The family of Semen Belenko applied to us for help.


Semen is 12 years old, he lives in Saint Petersburg.


In May 2015 the boy was diagnosed with the Ewing tumor of the lower third of the right shin bone. From that moment long-term and hard treatment started. Semen received 6 courses of chemotherapy, underwent an operation for removal of the affected bone with endoprosthesis replacement.


Unfortunately, some time after the surgery there started, in plain language, a wound abscess in the area of the foot of the sick leg. This fact complicates the treatment of the major disease ; there is a threat of amputation of the leg. To save the leg a special apparatus for vacuum wound treatment is necessary. Municipal Hospital No. 31 where Semen undergoes treatment has not got this apparatus.  Its cost is 1,032,000 rubles. The Belenko family cannot afford to buy this medical device themselves.  


At present Semen is rehabilitating after the chemotherapy and overcoming the hard painful consequences of the surgery. Semen’s relatives believe and hope that they will manage to save the leg and continue treatment.  


The Whole World Fund has opened fund-raising to help Semen. For more detail.

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