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Children card: Nastya Goryacheva
Nastya has received orthoses

Orthoses on the ankle joints have been produced for Nastya and installed to eliminate contractures and to fix the joints in a functionally beneficial position to prevent further deterioration.

Our Fund hopes that the orthotics will help the girl to continue treatment for the primary disease (ICP and epilepsy) without any obstacles. Let us wish Nastya health and achievement of excellent results in rehabilitation.

We are grateful to the Whole World program of development of public charity for help with payment for the orthotics for Nastya. 

Meet Nastya

Nastya is a very positive and friendly child. The girl likes people, enjoys being among people and watching them closely. However, she cannot communicate by means of speech.

Unfortunately, Nastya was born with congenital pathology and was immediately placed in the resuscitation department with intracranial pressure. The child developed slowly; doctors diagnosed ICP. In addition to all that, Nastya has a rare genetic disease: disorder of glycosylation, due to which the child has epileptic encephalopathy with mental retardation, muscular hypotonia, and epilepsy.


Nastya’s parents work hard with the child and provide all the necessary rehabilitation procedures. But unfortunately due to lack of sufficient motor skills the girl’s joints suffer; there can appear contractures and deformities. It is necessary to wear special ortheses preventing development of complications.


The cost of a set of ortheses is 38,700 rubles. Our Fund starts fundraising to pay for the medical devices for Nastya.
Let us support the child together. To help Nastya.
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