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Children card: Lera Loseva
Fundraising has been closed

We have closed the fundraising for Lera Loseva from Ulan Ude at the request of her mother. The raised money will be used to help other wards of the Fund. 

Corset and orthoses for Lera

Lera is 14. She lives in the city of Ulan-Ude with her mother. Lera is a disabled child; she has severe ICP. The girl was born from a hard pregnancy and at the age of 4 months she already underwent neurosurgery. Now Lera does not walk or talk, does not sit independently, cannot take objects.


Different rehabilitation courses provided just some insignificant positive dynamics in Lera’s condition: some crawling movement upon her stomach have appeared and she can hold an object in her hands for some short time.

Due to the permanent forced position of her body and limbs Lera has got scoliosis of the 3rd category and deformity of the ankle joints. Doctors have recommended wearing a specialized fixing corset and orthoses on her ankle joints. The family with an income of less than 10,000 rubles per month is just unable to pay the bill of 100,000 rubles for the item.  


We have launched fundraising to pay for the corset and orthoses for Lera.



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