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Children card: Kristina Perevalova
Kristina needs orthoses

We were addressed by the mother of the girl named Kristina asking for help to buy orthoses.


Kristina lives with her parents in the city of Ulan-Ude. Being almost 4 years of age the child does not walk or stand or sit and talk. Due to her mother’s difficult pregnancy Kristina was born a very weak and ailing child. At 8 months the girl was declared disabled.
Kristina’s life is ever-lasting examinations, rehabilitation and administration of different medications.

The child’s diagnosis is ICP, congenital bilateral deformity of the feet, spastic diplegia, badly delayed motor development, epilepsy, 1 year remission.
Kristina’s joints suffer a lot due to lack of motor activity, there appear contractures. To prevent surgical intervention the child must wear fixing orthoses on her ankle and wrist joints.


All the money of the family is spent on ongoing rehabilitation measures while the orthoses cost a lot.
We have started fundraising to pay for a set of orthoses for Kristina Perevalova.



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