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Gosha has undergone orthotics

Gosha has undergone orthotics of his chest, elbow, radiocarpal, knee and ankle joints.


The entire procedure took more than two hours and a half during which Georgy bore all the inconveniences bravely and helped the doctors to do their work. Later Georgy will wear these orthoses at different time with intervals as prescribed by the doctors, which is to result in correction of the deformity of his skeletal system.


The orthoses for the child were paid by our Fund from the total accumulations.
The fundraising has been closed.


We wholeheartedly wish Georgy and his mother forces and patience in their struggle against the disease!

The Kindness Returns action for Gosha

Dear friends, there are just a few days left until the New 2017 Year but each of us has got time to do something very kind and good in the outgoing year...

To help you with this the Whole World fundraising project has launched the motivating “Kindness Returns!” action which is most likely to become permanent in future:

Our Whole World Fund has recently started raising money for 6-year-old Georgy Shevelev  – to continue his high quality treatment he urgently needs 220,000 rubles.


Let us help Georgy by the Whole World!
Make a charitable donation in the amount from 500 rubles and get an opportunity to become a winner of one of the 3 prizes of 10,000 rubles each in our contest after all the money is raised. 

Help can be rendered:
1) By online payment at the website of the Whole World Charitable Fund
2) By sending an SMS with the text WWRU 500 to the number 3443 (for the RF)
The cost of this SMS is 500 rbl. You can change the amount by substituting “500” for another value.

P.S. This motivating action is sponsored by #WholeWorld  fundraising project, that is the prize fund will not be taken from the money raised for Georgy!

If your moral convictions prevent you from getting prizes in such events, please remember that if you win, you will be also able to send your prize for charity!

Story of little Gosha

Gosha was born with a birth injury which resulted in brain disorder. Doctors diagnosed ICP.


But Julia, Gosha’s mother, did not sink in despair. She started studying hard with the child, undergoing different examinations and rehabilitations. At one of the scheduled examinations Gosha got infective pneumonia and was on an artificial lung ventilation and rehabilitation apparatus for a long time. This fact had a serious side effect: a tracheostoma (a cicatrix resulting from the artificially created hole in the larynx during application of the ALV apparatus) which was added to Gosha’s basic ICP problems. After long   hardships with local physicians Yulia moved the son to Moscow where active and productive treatment by ENT specialists started. Fortunately, the tracheostoma responds to treatment, and the cicatrix is gradually going away. 


But a new problem appeared with regard to the ICP. Gosha is stiff-limbed, his joints and muscles do not function. Due to that joint deformities have started and his muscles and tendons are atrophying. Urgent actions are necessary. Doctors recommend applying removable joint-immobilizers on all big joints. These are orthopedic structures used for fixing the joint in the proper position, which prevents the risk of deformity.


The cost of a set of removable joint-immobilizers for Gosha is 220,000 rubles. This is an absolutely impracticable amount for a family supported by the grandmother and grandfather.
Our fund starts fund-raising for little Gosha Shevelev.


You can help the boy  in different convenient ways,  including the resumed way of help by SMS.


You just need to send an SMS with the text WWRU 100 to number 3443.
The cost of such a SMS will be 100 rubles. 
You can change the amount substituting “100” for another value.

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