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Children card: Elina Gorbacheva
Help has come to Ellina

Ellina has received help in the form of express orthesotherapy. A brace to correct the spinal deformity (cyphosis and scoliosis) to wear while sitting in the daytime as well as orthoses (removable joint immobilizers) on her elbow, knee and ankle joints to eliminate the contractures and fix the joints in the functionally favorable position to avoid further deterioration have been manufactured. Ellina will wear these removable joint immobilizers at night.


Later when Ellina grows out of the orthoses and/or the condition of her joints and spine improves, it will be possible to readjust these devices. These orthoses will be used by the girl for one year.


The manufacture of all the orthoses and the brace took about 2.5 hours.


The applied technology of express orthesotherapy provides for manufacture of the rehabilitation equipment directly on the patient’s body on the day of application. This means that no repeat visits for fitting and adjustment are required. This is an important factor for such patients hard to transport as Ellina.


Our Fund thanks the participants of the Whole World fundraising movement as well as all not indifferent people for the material help rendered to Ellina Gorbacheva.

Ellina needs help

A special girl Ellina lives in Naro-Fominsk. She has a rare diagnosis: Rett syndrome. Ellina was born a healthy baby and developed according to the age but at some moment her organism started regressing. She lost her motor activity and speech, and epilepsy appeared. Spinal curvature, deformity and contracture of the joints started developing.


To prevent aggravation of the contracture it was necessary to wear orthopedic fixators of joints: removable joint immobilizers. These are expensive devices and Ellina’s family cannot afford to buy them on their own. The estimated cost of the set is 183,000 rubles.


Our Fund starts raising money to help Ellina.


The child can be helped in different convenient ways, including the resumed way of help by SMS messages.
You just need to send an SMS with the text WWRU 100 to the number  3443.
The cost of such a message is 100 rubles.  
You can change the amount by substituting “100” for another value.

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