News list / Demid has received orthoses
Demid has received orthoses

Demid Korolev from Tver has been rendered help in the form of express orthotics. Orthoses (removable joint immobilizers) on the wrist, fetlock and phalangeal joints of both hands have been produced for the boy to eliminate the contractures and to fix the joints in a functionally beneficial position to avoid further deterioration. The items are to be worn in the day and night time.   

In future as Demid grows out of the orthoses and/or his condition improves, these orthoses (removable joint immobilizers) can be reconstructed with the possibility of further use of the items.

Manufacture of the orthoses took about 30 minutes. The express orthotics was performed directly on the child’s body, which allowed fast and effective orthotics without any trying on and fitting.


The orthoses were paid for due to the work of the Whole World program of development of public charity.

We wish Demid good luck and speedy recovery!


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