News list / Subject: Abidadara Chinitsirenov
Abidadar from Ulan Ude

We have opened fund-raising for Abidadar from Ulan Ude. The child needs a set of removable joint immobilizers for his wrist, elbow and knee joints as well as a spinal brace. 


Abidadar is 5; the boy was born prematurely in the 30-31 week, was diagnosed with ICP, accordingly, and was assigned disability. The child’s parents do their best to help their son to get to his feet and to acquire the skills missing due to his development delay.  Treatment in China helps a lot, and as a result of it Abidadar has got rid of epileptic seizures, has become calmer, learnt to understand speech. Further treatment in Saint Petersburg has improved the psycho-emotional condition.


The disease affects the joints; the spasticity causes contortion which is getting worse rapidly. The boy should wear special orthopedic devices fixing his joints in the proper position.

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