They need help
Ksenia Antipova
4 years
Collected: 2 675 rub
Masha Bezgina
10 years
Collected: 26 885 rub
Little Masha lives with a disability. The girl has a congenital lesion to her central nervous system. Because of this, there is a delay in her psychomotor development. For late September, MC "Sukura" in the city of Chelyabinsk schedules a rehabilitation treatment course for Masha.
Andrey Lesser
17 years
Tumenskaya Area
Collected: 573 100 rub
The set of metal structures for correction of the III degree scoliosis was paid for for Andrey. The boy was successfully operated on at Tyumen Municipal Hospital No. 2. Andrey’s scoliotic spinal deformity was corrected.
Omurbek Sabirov
15 years
Collected: 29 483 rub
Omurbek’s diagnosis is an osteoblastoma of the right femoral bone. The only variant of the treatment was to remove the tumour in the affected bone and to install a growing individual implant with a bipolar head. The implant was paid for through joint efforts of Umka Fund and Rusfond Fund. The money from the targeted aid of our Fund was transferred to Omurbek’s father to pay for the medications.
Sasha Bushueva
16 years
Collected: 551 800 rub
A set of metal structures to correct the scoliotic spinal deformity for Sasha has been paid. The surgery was successful, the deformity was corrected. Sasha is undergoing a course of rehabilitation treatment.

Last News
We have started fundraising for Liliya from Moscow. At the age of 18 months Lilya was diagnosed with ICP. The girl does not walk or even sit up herself.
Artem’s foster parents managed independently to find money to pay for the spine surgery to remount the hardware. As a result we close the fundraising for Artem. The raised targeted aid will be redirected to help other wards of the Fund.
Vitalik needs purchase and installation of orthoses on his ankle joints as they started deforming due to lack of motion activity. It is to be recalled that the child has ICP. Our Fund has paid for the procedure of express orthotics for Vitalik. The boy’s joints are now fixed in the proper position, which improves their condition.
90% of children in the Russia are able to recover from leukemia
The executives of Dima Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at a meeting with the Russian president said, "In the Russian Federation, almost 90% of children suffering from acute lymphatic leukemia are able to recover, and 40% of children have the possibility to undergo the transplantation they need."
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