They need help
Vitalik Kolechenok
7 years
Collected: 67 500 rub
Vitalik has ICP; the child is permanently disabled. The lack of motor activity has affected Vitalik’s joints; they need rigid support and fixation by means of medical orthoses. The boy needs a set of ankle and knee orthoses.
Nastya Goryacheva
7 years
Collected: 38 700 rub
Nastya has ICP and epilepsy. The lack of sufficient motor skills has affected the girl’s joints; there may appear contractures and deformities. To avoid that it is necessary to wear special orthoses preventing development of complications. Our Fund is raising money to pay for the orthoses for Nastya.
Yaroslav Elizarov
5 years
Collected: 2 600 rub
The orthopedic doctor has recommended Yaroslav to wear a specialized removable joint-immobilizer for the ankle and the entire leg to keep it vertical and to eliminate valgus. The cost of a set is 63,900 rubles.
Elina Gorbacheva
13 years
Collected: 183 100 rub
Elina needs orthopedic joint fixators – removable joint-immobilizers. These are expensive devices and Elina’s family cannot afford them themselves. The estimated cost of a set is 183,000 rubles.
Georgiy Shevelev
7 years
Tverskaya Area
Collected: 1 200 rub
Gosha was born a very weak baby due to the birth injury. Doctors diagnosed ICP. At the age of 2 the boy had viral pneumonia and got a tracheostoma after the long application of the artificial respirating unit. But fortunately the tracheostoma responds to medical treatment. Gosha’s primary disease needs removable joint-immobilizers – devices to fix the extremities in the proper position to avoid deformity of the joints.

Last News
We have opened fund-raising for Abidadar from Ulan Ude. The child needs a set of removable joint immobilizers for his wrist, elbow and knee joints as well as a spinal brace. Abidadar is 5; the boy was born prematurely in the 30-31 week, was diagnosed with ICP, accordingly, and was assigned disability...
Lera is 14. She lives in the city of Ulan-Ude with her mother. Lera is a disabled child; she has severe ICP. The girl was born from a hard pregnancy and at the age of 4 months she already underwent neurosurgery. Now Lera does not walk or talk, does not sit independently, cannot take objects. Different rehabilitation courses provided just some insignificant positive dynamics in Lera’s condition: some crawling movement upon her stomach have appeared and she can hold an object in her hands for some short time.
We were addressed by the mother of the girl named Kristina asking for help to buy orthoses. Kristina lives with her parents in the city of Ulan-Ude. Being almost 4 years of age the child does not walk or stand or sit and talk. Due to her mother’s difficult pregnancy Kristina was born a very weak and ailing child. At 8 months the girl was declared disabled. Kristina’s life is ever-lasting examinations, rehabilitation and administration of different medications.
90% of children in the Russia are able to recover from leukemia
The executives of Dima Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at a meeting with the Russian president said, "In the Russian Federation, almost 90% of children suffering from acute lymphatic leukemia are able to recover, and 40% of children have the possibility to undergo the transplantation they need."
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