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Lera Loseva
15 years
needed: 100 000 руб
collected: 800 руб
Corset and orthoses for Lera
Subject: Lera Loseva
Lera is 14. She lives in the city of Ulan-Ude with her mother. Lera is a disabled child; she has severe ICP. The girl was born from a hard pregnancy and at the age of 4 months she already underwent neurosurgery. Now Lera does not walk or talk, does not sit independently, cannot take objects. Different rehabilitation courses provided just some insignificant positive dynamics in Lera’s condition: some crawling movement upon her stomach have appeared and she can hold an object in her hands for some short time.

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Date From Amount To Money transfer method City country
13-07-2017 Вероника Ситникова 200 rub. Lera Loseva WholeWorld Irkutsk Russia
10-07-2017 Маркеловы Ирина-Борис 100 rub. Lera Loseva WholeWorld Ulyanovsk Russia
10-07-2017 Дворядкина Лариса 100 rub. Lera Loseva WholeWorld Rostov-on-don Russia
08-07-2017 Рупчев О. Н. 100 rub. Lera Loseva WholeWorld Russia
07-07-2017 Александр Комиссаров 100 rub. Lera Loseva WholeWorld Tver Russia
06-07-2017 Александр Макаров 100 rub. Lera Loseva WholeWorld Samara Russia
30-06-2017 ׏| 100 rub. Lera Loseva WholeWorld Tyumen Russia
800 РУБ.
дата пациент куда на что сумма город страна
800 РУБ.
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