They need help
Lera Loseva
15 years
Collected: 0 rub
Kristina Perevalova
4 years
Collected: 60 000 rub
Kristina was born a very weak and ailing child. At 8 months the girl was declared disabled. Being almost 4 years of age the child does not walk or stand or sit and talk. Kristina’s joints suffer a lot due to lack of motor activity, there appear contractures. To prevent surgical intervention the child must wear fixing orthoses on her ankle and wrist joints.
Liliya Rozhneva
15 years
Collected: 950 rub
Artyom Lapko
9 years
Collected: 3 550 rub
Artem’s foster parents managed independently to find money to pay for the spine surgery to remount the hardware. As a result we close the fundraising for Artem. The raised targeted aid will be redirected to help other wards of the Fund.
Demid Korolev
5 years
Tverskaya Area
Collected: 3 301 rub
The boy has difficulties unbending his both hands due to the deformity of the right wrist joint. Due to the contractures of the joints Demid cannot perform push-ups or bridging, clap his hands; the fingers of both hands are often in a bent condition. To preserve the joints in the functioning condition the orthopedist recommended the boy to wear special orthoses on both hands.

Last News
Dear Friends! We are closing the fundraising campaign for Zahar. The necessary set of orthopaedic products (ankle and knee joints tutors) for a 8-year-old inhabitant of Buryatia has been successfully paid. The products will be installed soon. We once again sincerely thank the system of mutual financial aid, Whole World for their help in raising funds.
It has been for the first time in the work of the Whole World Fund that we start fundraising for two brothers. Both children in Anosovs’ family happen to need orthopedic appliances. We have already written about Nikita before. His junior brother Pasha has Down’s syndrome...
Nikita has been badly ill since his birth. The boy has severe delay of psychomotor and physical development, ICP, spastic tetraparesis, contractures of large joints. Nikita does not walk or speak, cannot eat and drink himself, sits with a support only. Due to the passive position and limited movements the child’s joints suffer.
90% of children in the Russia are able to recover from leukemia
The executives of Dima Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at a meeting with the Russian president said, "In the Russian Federation, almost 90% of children suffering from acute lymphatic leukemia are able to recover, and 40% of children have the possibility to undergo the transplantation they need."
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